Hormone Balancing 101

We are so glad to hear so much awareness being directed toward hormonal support + balance these days. If you are a regular client of ours, you know how important education + hormones are. We aren't just talking about the sex hormones here (estrogen, progestin, testosterone etc.) we are talking about the over 800 communicators that make our bodies run. Some of these star players include T3 + T4, our thyroid hormones, Insulin which controls our blood sugar, Prolactin for lactating mamas, Serotonin our moods best friend, Cortisol, which manages our stress.... just to name a few. 


We are currently exposed to more endocrine disruption than ever before. Fighting an uphill battle of the hormones, no wonder we are exhausted, stressed, moody, + highly inflamed… with low libidos, hair loss, weight gain, acne flare-ups, hyperpigmentation, poor gut function, inconsistent menses, joint pain, vitamin and mineral deficient… the list of symptoms goes on and on.


Instead of putting a band-aid on these symptoms, I urge you to seek support through professionals who will get to the root cause of the issue, and help you fix it for good. Here is where we come in.

 It’s our goal to team up with you and your healthcare team, and get you on the fast track to balance though skincare and whole foods nutrition and supplementation. Our very first course of action is taking a very close look at what you are currently putting on or in your body. This is of prime importance, because in order to find the root cause, we need to see how the pathways are being disrupted.

 Our focus is educating you on how to listen to your body to achieve optimal health. Giving you the tools to clear up your skin, loose the excess weight, regulate your menstrual cycle, attract the right mate, banish mood swings, get the solid beauty sleep you deserve, normalize your digestion, and get you feeling on fire for life. The prevention is where it’s at y’all. With these tools you can prevent future illness + disharmony and maybe reverse some of your current ones along the way. Let get you on your way to optimal health and harmony.



Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 10.30.02 PM.png

Acne as a teenager is a given. We know the drill: Puberty hits, our hormones go into overdrive, the breakouts last a few years, then acne moves on… right? Wrong. For many people, acne occurs for the first time past their teenage years and often well into adulthood. The culprit: Hormones. For both men and women, hormone levels fluctuate with aging. In men, skin changes due to a drop in testosterone. In Women, testosterone levels are on the rise and estrogen plummets. When androgen levels increase, receptors in the skin trigger an increase in sebum production and cause the pore lining to thicken. This contributes to oil build-up, bacteria growth and, you guessed it… breakouts, as well as hormonal hyper pigmentation, inflammation and premature aging. Progesterone, estrogen and androgen levels vary during monthly cycles as well as life events like pregnancy and menopause, leading to the same symptoms that tend to appear on the jawline, chin and neck. 

Freckles on your nose are cute at age seven but but as we age and these spots seem to be spreading… what gives? Call them age spots, liver spots, hyper pigmentation or sun spots - no matter what name they go by, these dark spots are signs of skin damage or other problems with pigmentation. When hormone levels zigzag, one of the most common side effects is a change in pigmentation. Frequently seen during pregnancy or changes in birth control, uneven skin tone is caused by extra hormones stimulating the production of melanin. Pregnant women often develop melasma, which results in these dark patches on the nose, cheeks, jawline, forehead or chin. (EminenceOrganics)

Our immediate recommendations to treat hormonal skin, are to maintain a proper, hygienic skin care routine, get plenty of sleep (mostly between 10pm-2am your most restorative time) eat your greens, cut the coffee, dairy, and sugar, incorporate probiotics, and try to avoid unnecessary stress. You may also consider a visit to a hormone specialist, who may be better suited to diagnose your specific needs rather than a dermatologist. If you live in the Portland area, let me refer you to my magical team.

While a good skincare ritual can help improve your skin dramatically, it’s important to team up with your professional regularly (every 4-6 weeks) to keep your routine fresh and effective. Organic skincare is food for your face. Switching things up with the seasons is another important key. Time after time, I see clients back off once they start to see changes in the skin, but it will most likely return if the root cause is not addressed. Here’s where our Nutritional Therapy comes into play.





Who needs to see a nutritionist? We know that poor nutrition leads to hormone imbalance, but this can lead to much more dramatic health concerns. Lets stop this imbalance act in its tracks. Our Holistic Nutritional Therapy is a natural approach that uses evidence-based techniques for diet, lifestyle, and detoxification. Instead of focusing on just one aspect of a person, its important to understand that each person is biologically unique, so there is no one size fits all approach. Which is why following “programs” generally don’t turn out to be a sustainable option. In our sessions, we evaluate our clients’ complete health history, emotional state, lifestyle and rituals already in place. This is how we determine the root cause of your concerns and symptoms. For us, this becomes a really interesting puzzle that we must solve.

 Nutritional Therapy can help with the following:

 Acne/Skin Conditions




Dietary Challenges and Allergies

Disease Prevention and Support

Irregular/Painful/Long/Short Menses


Change in Libido

Discorded Eating

Low Energy/Fatigue

Sleep Issues

Weight Loss



A Nutritionist Hosts A Brunch

Social culinary experiences are super important to mental health, cultural nostalgia and to the strength of relationships with food. Food is my medicine, but its also something I take great joy in. The shopping, preparing and eating. I love sharing this passion and knowledge with people I care about. So, From time to time, I like gather my favorites and host a meal... Since brunch is my ultimate meal (seriously Id eat it for every meal if I could) It tends to be brunch that I go after. I usually make two main dishes and have my guests bring some extras. Today I hosted a few of my friends, who have a wide variety of beliefs, tastes, and restrictions. So I tried my best to accommodate everyone, and It was beyond delicious. I want to share my experience with you, and my recipes for a few of the hits, at my brunch.

Super Coconutty Matcha Cups



These delicious treats are completely vegan, and can be modified to meet restrictions of just about anyone. These are no bake, healthy fat full, and semi sweet, with clean burning, long lasting energy. Easy and quick, and a total crowd pleaser!


1 cup coconut oil

1 cup creamy coconut butter 

½ cup full fat coconut milk, refrigerated overnight

½ tsp matcha green tea powder

1 tsp maca root powder

¼ tsp ground cinnamon

¼ tsp Himalayan salt

2 tbsp maple syrup (optional)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract 

1/2 cup rolled oats (optional)

1 cup finely shredded coconut 

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds (optional)


1. Add all the ingredients except for the oats, and shredded coconut, to a large mixing bowl. Note that your coconut oil + coconut milk need to be firm, so refrigerate for a bit before you get started. 

2. Mix on high with a hand mixer, until whipped and fluffy

3. Fold in the oats for fiber + texture

4. Use a spoon or ice cream scoop to portion each cup into its cupcake paper, or form into small balls

5. Sprinkle coconut shreds on top and put them in the freezer for 20 minutes or until hardened

6. Transfer your finished energy cups to an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.

These can be eaten straight out of the fridge but they are even better when you let them sit at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes before to eat them.


Maca - 

·       Balances Hormones

·       Increases Energy

·       Aids in fertility

·       Improves Skin + Hair

Matcha - 

·       Is bursting with antioxidants including the mighty EGCg

·       Abundant in fiber, vitamins + chlorophyll

·       Mood + focus booster

·       Enhances metabolism + burns calories

·       Contains selenium, vitamin C, chromium, zinc + magnesium

·       Reduces cholesterol + blood sugar

Coconut - 

·       Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) a calorie burning machine

·       Can Kill dangerous microorganisms

·       Reduces hunger

·       Contains fatty acids that can boost brain function

·       Improves significant risks like Total, LDL and HDL cholesterol,                 which may translate to a lower threat of heart disease






   Turkey + Kale Fritatta


Pumpkin Seeds - 

·       Balances Blood Sugar

·       Hormone Balancing Power

·       Heart + live health

·       Contains tryptophan, an amino acid that aids in restful sleep

·       Anti-inflamatory

·       Prostate health

·       Great source of fiber and Omega3’s

·       High in zinc, great for immunity

·       Heart Healthy


This yummy AM entree is a wonderfully filling option that will feed 8-10 people. I made it whole30 compliant but you could top it with a cheese of your choice, or substiture turkey for sausage, bacon or salmon. You could even remove the turkey all together and add more peppers, kale, spinach, zuchini etc. to make it veggitarian. Great creative, this dish is hard to mess up.



2 Yukon potatos

1 large yellow onion

1 lb ground turkey

1 bundle kale

1 yellow bell pepper (I used yellow but you can substitute for the color of your choice)

4 tbsp full fat coconut milk

6 eggs

1/2 cup melted ghee (or butter)

Salt, chili powder, black pepper, parsley to taste



(preheat oven to 350)

1. Use melted ghee to coat your pan. Use a large cast iron skillet, a muffin tin or a glass cookware

2. Slice yukon potatos into very thin slices and overlap them to over your pan.

3. Sauté finely chopped onion and bell pepper, until onion is soft and start to become translucent, add in turkey and seasoning and cook till brown 

4. Chop kale and add to the turkey mixture. while that cooks, whip eggs with coconut milk in a bowl (add salt and pepper to taste)

5. Spread turkey mixture evenly over the potatoes. 

6. Pour egg mixture on top and place in the oven for 30-35 minutes.

Enjoy! I top mine with my favorite salsa, or hot sauce for some kick!




A 13 Step Guide To Balance + Mindfulness



A follow-up to my last post about new year's resolutions... Here is a 13 step energetic reminder the really spoke to me while in studying holistic nutrition + Chinese medicine. It's helped to put some things into perspective. For those of you struggling with the side effects of your new years resolution (Whole30 crew keep reading there's more advice specific to you)... it may get worse before it bets better, but it always gets better!

1. Eat breakfast or any nutrient dense foods in the morning when your body can assimilate the most from food.

2. Don’t wait until you are starving to eat. If you wait till you are hungry to eat, your blood sugar has already dropped and you will be more likely to crave sugar and/or refined carbohydrates.

3. Avoid eating while angry, under stress, or with people you don’t like. Your food will not digest properly if you are angry or upset. Enjoying your food and being content when you eat allows our bodies to literally accept the food more effectively into our systems.

4. Eat slowly and thoroughly and breathe! Chew your food well! Carbohydrate digestion depends on the enzyme salivary amylase, which is found in the mouth. Challenge yourself to make a habit of chewing your food until it is all one consistency. Breathing relaxes your nervous system ensures better metabolism and digestion.

5. Practice eating mindfully. Sit down, turn off the television, put down your book and avoid unpleasant conversation with yourself and others.

6. Toss the microwave! Studies indicate they damage or have a negative effect
on our bodies. From a TCM perspective, microwaving renders the food energetically dead.

7. Include a good amount of cooked foods in your diet. Between 40-100% depending on season, constitution and health. Humans have evolved to require cooked food in order to obtain the energy needed to nourish our brains and thrive.

8. Refrain from drinking any liquids with your meals. Drinking liquids with meals will dilute the enzymes and acids necessary for proper food digestion. Drink 20 minutes before or after your meal. A cup of warm tea or glass of wine may enhance digestion.

9. Eat a variety, eat simply. This is not a contradiction. Eat a variety of food over a day or week, but make your meals simple and avoid complex combinations of foods within the meal itself.

10. Eat until you are satiated, not until you’re full.

11. When possible, eat dinner by 7pm. Your body is less capable of digesting heavy or complex meals at night.

12. Don’t chill the Spleen. The digestive process needs warmth. Too much raw, cold, frozen foods or iced drinks will dampen the digestive fire.

13. Give thanks for your food and thank yourself for eating consciously. Prepare food with love and consciousness.





Hey January Whole30 challengers, or anyone doing a sugar detox, or a cleanse, or an elimination diet, or.... wait anyone who had a resolution.... Here is what to expect and why.


Even if you were eating fairly clean before, (or at least you thought) beware of the detox symptoms! If there's one thing the Whole30 taught me, it's that they put sugar in everything.  Your body is craving it... I know, I know. Sugar is a drug! Well according to your brain... there is no difference. so here's what to expect in the next few days, the dirty detox has already started to rear its nasty head for some of you... Hang in there!



Your blood sugar will take time to stabilize. Stay strong. We have over 800 hormones in our bodies, and their job is to communicate with each other to convey functionality. When one hormone gets off balance, his 799 friends get really confused, because his communication turns into something resembling Charlie Brown's teacher. Sugar is a massive hormone disruptor, the good news is, your cells are constantly renewing, so it won't take long to balance itself out. Water, protein, fat and fiber will be your best buds. Like drink so much water you feel like you might drown. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, usually around day 5-8...



You're being so deliberate right now, rightfully so with all the new rules... and the changes will cause your body to be off balance and exhausted. Here comes the good part, this makes it so much more noticeable when the cloud of imbalance is lifted from your brain and your new normal will be energetic, sharp, regular (I'm talkin poop) optimistic and MINDFUL.... the list goes on and on!

I'll be posting some more tips on my Instagram story and Facebook page in the days to come. Go check it out. It's all about intension. Im here for you. Hang in there, you're doing great!


Whats in a blog?

     As long as I can remember, family members have always told me I should be writing a blog. I write songs, I wrote album and show reviews, I wrote biographies and press releases... but somehow the idea of a blog seemed foreign. Here we are 20 years later and blogs are apparently still a thing. Not only are blogs a valuable resource to get information and education to my clients and future clients, bringing them skincare, beauty, holistic nutrition, wellness, lifestyle and life balancing support, but... they can generate buzz, drive traffic, and add value and excitement to my business. Who knew? Looks like a win win here.

So here is my blog. I don't know how this is going to go, and Im new, so bare with me. But, Im excited to share with you, and Im glad you're here. Feel free to follow us on our social media accounts (facebook and instagram) to join the conversation! We do tons of giveaways, workshops, and events! Get involved!